150 Club

The 150 Club is a simple way in which members can contribute to the Club, with a chance of winning a prize every month and two big bonus prizes in June and December.

The Club gives back in prizes 50% of the contributions. The prizes are calculated annually based on the number of members and will be set for a 12 month period running from April to March. Funds available will change over the year and if there are any adjustments to the prize funds these will be announced to members in the March of each year.

The prize funds for 2017/8 will be 10 monthly payments of £50 and 2 prizes of £150 to be drawn in June and December.

It only costs £12 a year, if you would like to know more, please ask or email Ann & Simon Morris [a.morris242@btinternet.com]

Recent monthly winners have been;

Sep 2017 Richard Merricks
Oct 2017 Martin Summons
Nov 2017 Alan Whitworth
Dec 2017 George Bird
Jan 2018 Owen Morris
Feb 2018 Claire Brugger
Mar 2018 Ann Morris
Apr 2018 Anne Harris
May 2018 Richard Prophet
June 2018 Paul Fisher
July 2018 Adrian Summons
Aug 2018 Georgina Fairclough
Sep 2018 Matthew Kite
Oct 2018 Andy Snow
Nov 2018 Chris Driscoll
Dec 2018 Antony Ireland
Jan 2019 Nick Rotsey
Feb 2019 Jackie Gregson
Mar 2019 Charlotte Hutchinson
Apr 2019 Fiona Radford
May 2019 Donna Murtagh (£150 Bonus prize)
June 2019 Claire Brugger £150
July 2019 Claire MacBride
Aug 2019 John Youngs

The big winner of the December £150 prize was Antony Ireland.