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5's concession shock

5's concession shock

Chris Hudson10 May - 09:40
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Concerning start to the season for the lowest league side

A new phenomenon has occurred at Reigate Priory CC- a league side has been forced to concede a match. The 5th XI were unable to raise a full squad this week and unfortunately had to gift the points to their opposition. A bad start to the 2024 campaign.
For once bad weather was not a factor, but team leaders will be seeing what other elements may have contributed to this situation. Exams and studies for some will naturally be anticipated this year, but perhaps the poor weather in April and the lack of training opportunities (so far) may be of note.
The skipper has said "I can't recall the last time a league side at this club had to concede a match. It is surely disappointing. We will renew our efforts to focus the lads that are normal players and utilise the new training regime prepared by Simon Morris to motivate all. This is an aberration and not a trend, so we are not panicking."

The next 5th XI match is away to Trinity and Mid-Whitgiftian CC on May 18th.

Up the Llamas.

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