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The Club is purchasing its Practice Nets

The Club is purchasing its Practice Nets

Andrew Packham5 May - 17:46
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We need the help of our wonderful membership please.

The photo shows our current practice nets, which after 15 years are looking a little tired. First things first however.

We have never owned the land they are constructed on but have generously been able to use the land rent free for the full 15 years. We now have a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to purchase the freehold of the land but it is costing the Club £100,000.

A handful of extremely generous members have set the fundraising ball rolling but we need a lot more support please.

To hopefully create some interest we are introducing a very low key promotion to get members talking about the fundraising and with a bit of luck also enjoying a good read.

Back in 2018 we produced a 208 page "History of Reigate Priory" with masses of photos in it. We had a print run of 250 and have only 6 copies left. A further print run is unlikely. We have 700 adult members which means at least 450 of you do not have a copy.

For a modest £10 donation to the "Net Fund" we will download a PDF copy of the book to you. All you have to do is contact the author on and he will give you the club bank details and on receipt of your £10 you will receive a copy of the book by e-mail.

Easy and you'll have a nice read but more importantly you will be helping support YOUR club and its numerous youngsters, girls and boys, and other players, plus future generations, with acquiring the freehold of their nets.

Hopefully many will wish to be even more generous in their support and some details of how that can be achieved are already published but will be promoted further in the near future.

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